Enjoying Park Activities

Park Amenities

The Chickee and Pavilion

Aside from fishing, the park's second most popular activity is visiting the chickee for coffee in the morning, games during the day, and a happy hour each evening where much hilarity ensues.

The chickee is the social hub where all matters are discussed, followed closely by the pavilion for:

  • Games,
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Weekly Bingo
  • Fish Fries
  • Holiday, Potluck, and Special Park Dinners
  • Puzzle Construction
  • TV and Movies
  • Exercise Classes

Other favorite pastimes include:

Crabbing Expeditions. With fleets of boats joining in the hunt for Blue-claw Crabs, trips often end with crab bakes shared by the crews and guests.

Boating Trips and Picnics. Outside the tight ring of mangrove island hugging the shore and outward several miles, many resident boaters embark on picnic expeditions to the outer islands. Here on the edge of the Gulf are beautiful, uninhabited islands ringed by pure white sand and framed by battered trees pounded by recent hurricanes.

Hobbyists. Many accomplished artists and crafters often work together on projects that include:

  • Jewelry Making
  • Card Making
  • Wood Working
  • Coconut Sculpting
  • Knitting and Sewing
  • Lure Tying

Some of this work ends up in local galleries, some in galleries around the country, and some in the homes and RVs of visitors here.



Women's Kayaking. This year numerous women in the park began an informal kayak club. Many of them became adept captains and navigators.

Boat and Engine Repairs. Many of the park guests and residents are very handy with tools and know their boat repairs. On days when it's too windy to fish, boat repair projects abound.

Fixing Stuff. If you need something fixed, someone will know how to do it, and usually many consultants congregate to offer advice. Bursts of laughter punctuate the buzz of serious industry.

Photography. As the images here suggest, many residents are avid photographers, and almost nothing is more adoringly cultivated than the fine art of sunset photos.

Fish Stories rule the roost, however. Most of them are funny. Some are scary. A few of them are true.

Contact: Managers by Phone 239-695-2414 or by Email at Manager@Chokoloskee.com

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